Fifty Fifty’s agency, Attrakt, files W1b compensation claim against The Givers

스포츠 2023-12-11 21:07:37 3831

K-pop girl group Fifty Fifty’s agency, Attrakt, filed a compensation claim for 1 billion won ($736,000) against its subcontractor, The Givers, as well as The Givers' head, Siahn, and senior director, Baek Jin-sil, late last month, according to Attrakt on Wednesday.

“The head producer of The Givers, Siahn, and its senior director, Baek Jin-sil, not only violated its business service contract obligations to Attrakt but also impeded our business and caused asset damage by deceiving us,” claimed Attrakt on its written claim.

Siahn produced and co-wrote the lyrics for Fifty Fifty’s hit track “Cupid.”

He had signed a project management contract with Attrakt for five years in June 2021 to produce girl groups and music.

Senior Director Baek had been in charge of the overall management of the project.

The girl group Fifty Fifty is currently on a hiatus after it applied for an injunction to suspend the effectiveness of its exclusive contract with agency Attrakt in June.

The Seoul Central District Court rejected its injunction request in August.

Attrakt believes that The Givers led the group to make the decision to terminate its exclusive contract.

“The amount of compensation we are filing for is for a partial loss of major business opportunities, such as advertisements or sponsors, caused by The Givers’ Siahn and Baek’s breach of duty and embezzlement. We also believe these defaults to financial obligations and illegal activities caused direct disputes between the company and Fifty Fifty that prevented normal business activities. We plan to raise the amount of damages as the trial progresses,” added Attrakt.

Meanwhile, Attrakt is preparing to launch a new girl group likely in the first half of next year.




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